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The purpose of the Natural Birth Stories WebRing is to provide a cohesive collection of NATURAL birth stories to the ring surfer.  The purpose of this ring is not to judge whether a birth meets my standard of birthing, but rather to provide a way for those with an interest in natural birth to be able to easily find births that would be classified as such.

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In this webring you can read positive birth stories in which labor has not been induced and the care provider did not break the mother's water. In these stories the mothers are not hooked up to continuous fetal monitoring and move about freely during labor. These mothers labor and give birth without using any pain medication. They push their babies out on their own and are not cut in any way with a knife. These mothers labor and deliver naturally.

Each birth story is unique. For some mothers it is their first child; some mothers have already given birth to several children. Some mothers in these stories give birth with a doctor's assistance, some with a midwife's assistance, and some give birth with only their family in attendance. Some deliver their babies in a hospital bed, some in their own bed at home, and some in a tub of warm water.

Each story is beautiful and powerful. Each story is amazing and yet so simple. . . and natural. Birth is a normal process, not a medical procedure.

"I pushed with all my might and felt her head slowly slide out of me, there was a slight hesitation as the next urge overcame me and I then pushed her out all at once. I felt her arms and legs kicking me as she wriggled out like a little fish, I felt every little thing as she left my body. . . . It was the most exhilarating thing I've ever felt and better than any sex I've had. . . . At that point I remember thinking that women who get epidurals are really cheating themselves out of something special. I might get flack for saying that but it's my opinion. I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything, it was worth all the pain I went through." ~ Melyssa

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